Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Getting Over the Hump... Day

I'm in a writing slump right now and trying to get my act together to pick up where I left off on my work-in-progress.  Amy Holiday's #30Shorts challenge was great to jump start my muscles, but I couldn't keep up.

I'm picking up a couple of my writing reference/inspiration books to help get myself back on the wagon. I thought you might find them helpful too:

Just fifteen minutes a day after each chapter truly helps warm up the connection from my brain to my fingers.

Writing a novel is hard work, but Nathan's "It can be done!" attitude is always so encouraging.

From Natalie, I learned about "free writing" and how liberating it can be.  Keep the pen tip on the paper. Keep your hand moving forward; writing down one word after the other as it comes to you. Never go back to cross anything out.  I turn to this exercise when I am at my most fearful or anxious about my writing.

This is my "go to" resource when all else fails. It really is okay to write that shitty first draft. Also, the one-inch picture frame exercise is something I use when I need to distill the jumbled thoughts in my head, both in my writing life and work life.  Plus, I think it would make a cool writing workshop exercise on honing your description skills.

Tell me, what resources or references do you turn to for help getting over your writing humps?


  1. I have pretty weird dreams and I guess most of my ideas come from them

  2. Where some of my ideas come from my dreams, I try to read blogs, memoirs, fiction and other non-fiction and study how those writers formed their posts, stories, or articles. You chose some wonderful books here, Mieke. I have some of them also. One I'm reading right now is Your Life is a Book: How to Craft and Publish Your Memoir by Sarah Jane Freymann and Brenda Peterson. Great post, Mieke. I'll follow your blog.

    1. Thanks, Vicky! These are great books to have in your writing library.


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