Friday, January 23, 2015

All The Pretty Things

If you ever peek into my purse, you'll see all sorts of pouches inside. I use different pouches to store things by category: all my checkbooks and credit cards go in one pouch, my writing supplies and device chargers in another, my makeup and toiletries in yet another.  "Containerizing" helps me find things quickly without having to dig and saves on brain power, which I would rather use on work or writing projects.

Right now, all the pouches are either black or clear.  I've been meaning to replace them with cuter ones in nice colorful prints, but haven't found any that I really like.  Until a few days ago, when an old friend from back in the Philippines, announced an exciting new collaboration she was doing with a major bookstore back home.

Filipina TV host and producer, Daphne Osena Paez, in collaboration with the country's largest bookstore chain, National Book Store, recently unveiled a limited edition line of stationery and organizing products.  The DAPHNE® line includes pouches, a tote, note holders and clipboards, pens, desk organizers, file and magazine sorters, and of course, journals. All come in floral prints chosen from the names of her mother and her three beautiful daughters, and the hummingbird print in honor of her father's long career as a helicopter pilot.

While the items are not available here in the States, I've already had my family grab me a few things to hold onto until I go home for a visit.  The prices of her products are very, very reasonable.

I am so happy for my friend, Daphne.  She is a local TV personality and lifestyle influencer, with her shows featuring fashion and home design. She has a line of  bed linens, fine furniture, and other home products.  She is also the UNICEF Special Advocate for Children for the Philippines, bringing national attention to the importance of good health, nutrition, early childhood education, and the protection of children's rights.

We've known each other for years, but interestingly, our relationship grew while I was already living here in the United States.  The internet is a powerful connector, I tell you.
 Just like her, I too am "Laking National."  This term means that I grew up with National Book Store, having bought all my school books and supplies from there as a student.  This store nurtured my love for reading, and we all know reading is one of the seeds for writing.  Salamat, National!  Congratulations, Daphne!

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