Monday, January 5, 2015

#30Shorts - Days 2 to 4

I missed posting on the 2nd and 3rd days, so I’m trying to combine all three prompts (including today’s) into one small piece. The ideas that came to me from these prompts don’t mesh with the piece I posted on the first day. Hopefully, the other future prompts will bring me back to that story.

Now for a little YA:

I thought the zombie movie would be the perfect date with Angie. Some freaky scenes with zombies munching on Wall Street stockbrokers would afford me the perfect hugging opportunity. She’d be scared, and I’d put my arm around her to keep her safe. Maybe she’ll keep her head on my shoulder and snuggle the top of her head against my jaw. Maybe she’ll tilt her head up a little, and I’ll feel her breath on my cheek. Maybe I’ll lean in and…

A loud splat on my car window woke me from my happy, hopeful kissing thoughts. The snowball quickly slid down the side of my car. It was Jane, Angie’s sister, all dressed in a snow suit that had lobbed it. Behind her was Angie walking toward the car. She was dressed in pajama pants that pooled at her shins over a pair of fuzzy boots, and a grungy old sweatshirt. Her orange hair piled high in a bun on top of her head. Certainly not the look I had going in my head.

“Hey,” she said. She had her arms crossed over her chest, and her eyebrows knitted together. “Didn’t you get my text?”

“I was driving.” I shook my head as I quickly pulled out my phone from my back pocket. The unread message was there, telling me that she couldn’t go to the movies because she had to watch her sister. Her parents couldn’t get out of the city early enough because of the snowstorm.

“Oh, okay,” I said, trying not to look too disappointed. “Another time, then.”

 She smiled sheepishly. “I’m really sorry.”Another snowball flew and hit my car, and because my window was open, bits and pieces of ice and water struck my face. “Stop it, Jane!” Angie scolded her sister. The little girl just laughed. “I’m really sorry about that,” she said.

I wipe the water off my face. “It’s okay.” I got ready to go back home. The snow was turning slushy on the ground, but the cold temperature was turning everything into ice. If I left now, I could still make it home safely.

“Um, do you want to hang out here instead? You’re already here anyway,” Angie offered.

I didn’t think twice. “Yeah, that’ll be cool.”

I got out of the car and followed Angie up the walkway. I spot Jane with another handful of snow, aimed right at me. Before she could pelt me, Angie softly shoved her little sister into the low snow bank. The little girl giggled with glee.

When we came into the house, Jane demanded we play a game with her. I stupidly agreed and told her to choose the game.

“Truth or dare!” chanted as she bounced around the mudroom, shedding her snowsuit.

Two hours later…

“I swear to God, your sister was cheating,” I said as I faced my reflection in the powder room mirror. Angie handed me a moist towelette to use to remove the blue eye shadow her sister’s painted on me.

“Don’t be ridiculous! She’s just eight!” Angie responded, as she wiped her own Picasso face.

 “That spinner was rigged, I tell you.”

 Thirty minutes later… 

“That was my mom,” I said as I pocketed my phone. “She wants me to head on home, since the weather’s getting worse.”

Jane whined, and Angie frowned a little. “Oh okay.”

Jane and Angie walked me to the mudroom, where our coats were hanging. Jane gave me a little hug, then Angie shooed her away.

“Johnny and Angie, sitting in a tree…” she sang as she bounced back to the living room.

“Oh my God!” Angie looked mortified, with her eyes closed and everything. Adorably mortified. “I’m so sorry.”

I couldn’t help but smile, but I could feel the heat rising from my neck.

“Thank you for hanging out with us,” Angie said.

“I had fun,” I answered. I really did have fun.

“I think you’re a really cool guy, Johnny B.,” Angie said, as she stepped a little too close.

“I think you’re pretty cool too, Angie C.” I answer back. “If fact, I…”

Having her lips meet mine was better than I had imagined. Zombies not even required.


Just a little fluffy piece. Just for fun. Tee hee!


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