Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#30Shorts - Day 6

Day 6's prompt is here. I skipped Day 5.

Note: Please note that the work shown here is not ready for critique, as it is fresh and unedited. Please be gentle with your thoughts.


One by one, the ceiling lights are turning off. The energy saver sensors cutting power to the areas where no movement can be sensed. Every so often, a leaving co-worker triggers the lights to come back on in the elevator area, then they turn off about a minute after that person boards the car.

The dialog box on my screen tells me that it's shutting down some program that's running in the background. I use the time to collect my things into my purse and put on my coat.

Finally, the screen goes black. I walk out the door of my glass walled office, and head for the elevator bank. I'm running late to dinner with Tim, and I can't keep doing this to him, lest he think I'm not interested.

While I wait, the ceiling light above my desk shuts off, but the glare from my still on computer screen illuminates my empty chair.  

Damn it! I walk back to my office and find on my screen the "blue screen of death" showing an apparent error with my computer. I read the white words to get a sense of what's wrong.


A chill runs through me, but I try to ignore it. I look up toward the elevator waiting area, and notice that the ceiling lights haven't turned off.

I bend over my keyboard and hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, to force the computer to shut down. Another blue screen pops up.


There's something rustling outside my office. I peek over my computer screen. There's nothing there. The computer beeps.



A cold wind swirls around me squeezing, coiling, twisting; wringing the air out of me. A sharp pain on the side of my neck is the last I thing I feel.


Hmmm... not so sure about this one, but I had to go with it.  *Bludgeons inner critic*


  1. This is obviously very suspenseful and I think most people would want to keep reading! But also, I like the mention of "Tim" that you have in there. It's another thing that piques our curiosity, another layer to a character we're just getting to know.


Thank you so much for your kind comments.