Friday, January 2, 2015

#30Shorts - Day 1

I am trying something new this year to jump start my writing.  My friend, Amy Holiday, is running a month-long writing challenge on her blog.  For the next 30 days, she'll be offering writing prompts and encouraging participants to post their pieces on their blogs.  Please feel free to join us!

I thought I'd give it a try.  While her initial goal is to produce 30 short stories, each participant is free to adapt the challenge according to their needs.  While I would prefer to write 30 shorts, I may wind up with a series of vignettes instead.  We'll see.

Many of you know that I do not typically like to show fresh writing so the fact that I am doing this is a huge step out of my comfort zone. Please note that the work shown here is not up for critique, as it is fresh and unedited.  Please be gentle with your thoughts on the work shown here.

Day 1's prompt can be found here.

This is what I came up with:

There once was a girl elf named Ellena. She was born with hair the color of mud. Only girl elves with hair the color of straw were desirable, so her parents gave her to the potion master to serve as a slave. In exchange, the potion master gave them an elixir that he said would ensure that all their future offspring would have golden hair. Both parents died immediately after drinking the potion.

The old potion master was a kind man, and brought up Ellena as his own daughter. Together, they travelled the lands, selling herbs, making syrups and elixirs to all who ached and ailed. They would come into town in the late evening, open shop, and sell during the day.

The potions the master sold, made all those who drank them sleep so soundly, that they wouldn’t wake when Ellena crept into their homes and stole their valuables. When the townsfolk would wake, the potion master and Ellena were long gone and out of sight.


One day, when Ellena turned fourteen, they arrived in the walled kingdom of Krogg. Krogg was ruled by a prince who fancied himself to be the handsomest man in all the land. When he heard of the arrival of the potion master and his ward, he had them arrested and brought before him.

He ordered the potion master to make a tonic to be given to all his subjects, so any one more handsome than he would be struck down dead. The guards shackled the potion master in the apothecary in the castle. The potion master knew that he could not create such a potion, and that he and Ellena were too closely guarded to escape together, so he thought of a plan to help her get out.

“There are special ingredients that I will need, but only my assistant will know how to find them,” the potion master told the prince. “Let her go and bring them back to me.”

The prince laughed. “Do you think me an idiot?” He picked up Ellena by the arm and looked into her face. Ellena stared back fighting her fear and biting back her tears.

“I cannot do it without the ingredients,” the potion master insisted. “Do you not wish to be the fairest in all the land, sire? Certainly, there is one more magnificent than you.”

These words angered the prince. He threw Ellena against one of his soldiers, who caught her in his arms. “You!” he pointed to the soldier, “Go with her and bring back what the potion master needs. Do not come back without her or the ingredients.” The soldier nodded his shielded head and grunted.


Together, the soldier and Ellena walked under the suspended gates of the kingdom, and out into the fields that surrounded the walls. It was twilight, but the air was still warm and parched. The soldier threw Ellena down to the ground. “Go and find what you need!” he barked as he unhinged his headpiece, and pulled it off his head. Ellena watched as he shook his blond head, and wiped his forehead with his arm.

It was the first time Ellena had seen a boy elf with eyes the color of the morning sky. He was one she would have called handsome, if not for the long scar that ran down the bridge of his nose to the corner of his lip.

“What are you waiting for?” he barked, startling her. “Go!”

She turned and walked toward the first vegetable patch that came into view.

To be continued...(?) We'll see.


  1. This is great! Very different than what I am working on. This was a tough prompt to start with, I think. Really complex. But good stuff! I'll be posting mine soon.

    Looking forward to part 2 on this one Mieke!

    I don't think my Wordpress account will take you to the right place, so here's the updated link: ;-)

    1. Thank you, Amy for giving me an opportunity to play outside my comfort zone.

  2. Don't keep us hanging. This is beautiful

    1. Thanks, Marie. Let's see where the prompts take us.


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