Thursday, September 18, 2014

#30MealsAtHome - Day 17 - Beef Pares with Egg Noodles

The kids stayed home yesterday because of all-around achey-ness, sniffles and coughs.  Thank goodness it's not the nasty one (Enterovirus D68) that's been going around the country.  A day of rest and mommy-care hopefully did the trick.

Last night we had a Filipino street food-type dish called "Beef Pares" with egg noodles.  It's actually a sweet soy braised beef, usually served with a side of steamed white rice.  I used beef chuck and opted to use Chinese-style wide wonton noodles. I thought it would pair well with the braising liquid thickened into a sauce with a  a corn starch slurry. 

In the Philippines, this dish is typically found in side street eateries.  They say it was developed to find way to use the firmer, less desirable cuts of beef.  A cheap, hearty meal for the everyday working man.

I also made these last night.  They're going to my friend, Janice Wilson, who won our writers' group Summer Word War.

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