Friday, August 29, 2014

#30MealsAtHome Challenge

If you know our family, you'll know that we love food.  One of the things we enjoy the most is eating dinner out.  Our family eats out almost twice a week. Yes, shameful.  You can imagine the impact of that on our cash flow. We try to account for it in our family budget, but now that our children eat like adults, our average dinner bill can get pretty hefty. Not to mention the tips that add to the total. (My husband works in the hospitality industry, so he tips regularly and generously.)

We know that this is a part of our family life that needs more control.  We keep saying that we're going reduce the frequency of our restaurant meals, but there's always a reason to go out. A busy day at work, a jam-packed after-school schedule, that "thing" that mom goes to once a month, a new restaurant opening up, etc.  Even if there isn't anything special going on, you can bet we'll find a reason to eat out.  It's crazy. We know.

As such, our family has decided to put ourselves through a 30-Day Meals-At-Home Challenge.  Here are the details:
  1. For thirty (30) days (August 31 to September 30, 2014*), we will eat our family dinner meals at home. 
  2. All our dinners will be home cooked. No take out allowed. 
  3. Weekend lunches and afternoon snacks at restaurants/convenience stores are not allowed.
  4. We will post our home cooked meals on this blog each day, along with any thoughts about the process. (We believe our son will have much to say.)  Recipes will be posted too for any special items.

  • We have one scheduled dinner out to celebrate our daughter's thirteenth birthday. (Eek! How did that creep up on us?) In exchange for that meal, we will add one day, hence the August  31 start date.
  • Any invitations to other people's homes for dinner are allowed. (Friends, please feel free to invite us to your homes any time!)
  • Our children's purchased school meals are allowed. (They can't be made to suffer PB&J sandwiches every day).
  • For us adults, my husband receives a meal benefit at work, while I usually take leftovers to work anyway.
What happens to the money saved?  Half of the money will go toward buying food for the local food bank our church supports. The other half will go toward paying off some recent unexpected bills (the kind that come with owning a 50+ year old house).  The ultimate reward, however, will be the fact that our family faced a challenge together and conquered it.  And maybe even a few lost pounds.

Join us for the next thirty days as we conquer this challenge!  We'll be using #30MealsAtHome on all our related posts on our public social media accounts.  We'd love to hear from you!

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