Thursday, June 26, 2014

Random Stuff

Just a few of the random things that are going on over here:

It's summer break!  My kids are out of school and our family frenzy begins. Between the camp programs and family visits, there's going to be a whole bunch of train, plane, and automobile rides for us over the next ten weeks.

I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge!  First time ever. I've only lost three (3) pounds so far, but I am truly enjoying the experience.  There's even a weekly food exchange, which is a Godsend! I am eating healthy and getting more exercise.

I discovered two new TV shows, Silicon Valley and Playing House.  I binge watched each show's first season OnDemand.  Silicon Valley is in HBO tradition, bawdy and funny, while Playing House is on USA, where characters are truly welcome.  The ladies on Playing House are FUNNY.  Of course, the one thing in common is this odd dude named Zach Woods, who is tall, pale, and lanky.  I've sort of got a thing for this type of guy.  Please don't judge me.

I'm reading/listening to Atonement: A Novel by Ian McEwan.  This is the third time I am tackling this book, and I have to say, reading while listening to the words is helping me get through it.  I am halfway now.


I finished writing my first YA novel last May and have set it aside to simmer and mellow out a little more.  To cleanse my palate, I'm playing with a little romance story.  I begin work on my next novel on July 1st.  If you know me, you know I'm all about schedules.

So what's been going on on your side of the world?


  1. Yay for the new healthy regime and finishing that novel! I finished mine sometime in February or March, and now I'm nearly done with the first overhaul revision.

    And I couldn't get through Atonement either, though I enjoyed the movie. :)

    1. Thanks for coming by, Luanne. The biggest loser challenge has a great experience. I enjoyed Atonement (the movie) too and that's why I've been trying to read it for some time. The audio is truly making a difference.


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