Monday, November 5, 2012

Try Everything...

It's now the fifth of November and I am behind on my NaNoWriMo word count.  Yet I find myself wanting to say a little something here.

If you're participating in NaNoWriMo, you've probably heard all the tips and methods that others have shared to ensure success during this 30-day feat.  (It is a feat! Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.)  Although there's a lot of information out there,  I thought I'd share my own tip for succeeding at NaNo:

Try everything.

Try everything you can think of that will enable you to put down the words.  Outline it! Pants it!  Write 1,667 words every day.  Write more to take into account Thanksgiving and Black Friday...  Type. Write longhand.  Go to a write-in. Write alone. Carve out a two-hour block of time after everyone is asleep or before they wake.  Carve out eight 15-minute sessions throughout the day.   There is no such thing as the only way to do it.

Oh yes... and don't forget to have fun.

And with a wave of my magic pen...May the words fly swiftly from your fingers and land on that blank white page. Swish! Swish!

Oh and by the way, one of my favorite people is putting up a little free writing workshop on YouTube.  Please check out Camille DeAngelis' Flashwrite episodes here.  It was today's video that inspired this post. 


  1. I'm so pleased my videos are inspiring you, Mieke! This is something I've been relearning lately: that there is no one right way to do anything, no "best" method. It's all about what works most effectively for you, yourself.

  2. Hi Mieke. I promise to make the NaNo meeting next Tuesday. I've been so busy with the blog for the book that I haven't had a chance to work on my sci-fi story:(

  3. Hi! Found your blog via Writer Unboxed and just wanted to wish you the best of luck with NaNo! I never seem to be at the drafting stage come November, but I'm cheering everyone on from the sidelines! :)

  4. I'm so slow in reading blogs lately, but I hope the words have flown off the page this week. ^_^


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