Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Source: via Mieke on Pinterest

"Quiet town, Halloween" by Manuel Rodriguez via 500px.

While many of you will be celebrating tonight, our Halloween celebration is delayed to the end of the week due to Hurricane Sandy. We are safe, and we are grateful.

The picture above sums up everything I like in a spooky story. A lonely, lost girl, a haunted house, and some spirits roaming about. Makes for some good storytelling.

Tell me. What elements do you like to see in a spooky story?


  1. I like talking corpses.

    (And I can't believe I just typed that.)

  2. Very cute/scary picture!

    I don't really read many spooky stories, but I guess I like it when it's not obvious if there really is anything spooky or if it's in the character's head. At least for adult stories.

    For kids... a solid happy end, I guess! One of my favourite books growing up featured three ghosts, but they were really evil, causing lots of damage in the village (letting garage doors fall on cars, drinking the most important wine through the bottle and planning horrible accidents for the family who had moved into their house), so it was very satisfying when at the end, they were forced to go through the automatic car wash at the gas station, which they detested and which turned them, so that while they were still evil at heart, anything they attempted turned into something good. Neat, isn't it? :)
    (sorry for the rambling, I got carried away a bit)

    1. That's pretty cool. Do you remember the title of the book? I'd love to check it out.


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