Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday's Word - Floe


Pronounced as: flo
Definition: (n)1: floating ice formed in a large sheet on the surface of a body of water; 2: ice floe

I came across this word in Randy Susan Meyer's post, "Debut Novels by Authors Over 40" on the writing and publication blog, Beyond The Margins.    The article serves as great encouragement for those of us "of a certain age" who are still plodding along in this writing world.  We may still have our greatest work ahead of us.

Sample Use:
The penguin stands on the floe's edge.  The polar bear lopes toward him, the sea lion swims below. He wishes he were a puffin.

Your turn:  Show me in the comments how you might use this word in your own writing.  As an added challenge, try your hand at a piece of hint fiction (a piece of fiction in 25 words our less that hints to something bigger).



  1. The edge of the floe dissolves under my feet. Soon there will be no place at all to stand.

    1. Thanks Jenn! That was awesome. That "no way out" feel comes to mind with that word. Thank you.


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