Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's Word - Sangfroid


Pronounced as: sang-froyd
Definition: (n) self-possession or imperturbability especially under strain
Synonyms: aplomb, composure, countenance, placidity, tranquility
Antonyms: agitation, disquiet, uneasiness, worry

This word came to me through a comment left on the Wednesday's Word post two weeks ago.  This word is of French origin and literally means "cold blood."

Sample Use:
Arms tied behind her, Desdemona shows no pain.  Her sangfroid mistaken for guilt.  Flames lick at her waist. She whispers to the fire.  They scream.

Your turn:  Show me in the comments how you might use this word in your own writing.  As an added challenge, try your hand at a piece of hint fiction (a piece of fiction in 25 words our less that hints to something bigger).



  1. Cool word, and new to me as well.

  2. "Sangfroid," she thinks, watching him detach the IV, cutting off the flow to the vein. It's just his job. But somehow she thinks his hands should move more reverently.

    Well, I got it down to 30 words, if not 25!


Thank you so much for your kind comments.