Friday, January 27, 2012

The Friday Picture Show

My friend and comrade-in-writing, Jen DeSantis, runs a weekly flash fiction contest called the Friday Picture Show on her blog, A Measure of Madness.  The rules are simple.  Post a 100-word (no more, no less) piece based upon the picture prompt she provides by 8:00 pm EST.  A guest judge will choose two winners;  an overall champion and another for best use of prompt.

It's all in good fun.  Plus the 100-word count makes this challenge spicier than the others out there.

This is rather belated, but this is the entry I submitted for Week 6, based on this picture prompt:

Doll maker, doll maker, what do I see?
Something on your work table,
Dressed in fabric of the prettiest of flowers.
Black button eyes, and yarn hair of gold.
Her lips and cheeks, rubbed in with blood.

Doll maker, doll maker, what shall it be?
Snowy, white batting filling her flesh,
A red, beating heart, you lay in her chest.
You seal her with the swish of your wrists,
and needle and thread.

Doll maker, doll maker, what have you made?
“A girl,” you say. “A girl, my son.”
“A girl?” I ask.
You nod.
“Oh!” A playmate. “For me?"


  1. Wow. I like it. Let me know if you win

    1. Hi Marie! I thought I'd try my hand on something creepy. I didn't win on this challenge. But, thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

  2. Oh, I like your interpretation of the picture. Much better than what went through my head. To me that's a kind of a scary photo, though I guess I could interpret your story in kind of in a scary Frankenstein way if I wanted. O-o.

    Good job. :)

    1. Thank you, Luanne. I've been experimenting with some darker themes for children lately. Alas, my kids didn't find this dark at all.

  3. The phrase that hooked me in was "rubbed in with blood."

    1. Thank you Jenn. I really appreciate hearing that from you. My kids didn't seem to respond to that line as much as I'd hoped.


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