Friday, November 18, 2011


In honor of my favorite* son's 8th birthday, I am re-posting a poem I wrote for him several years ago.  He's still into his super heroes and characters.  He's actually graduated into creating scenes and vignettes for his GI Joe action figures.

I love you my dearest!


My son, today you think you are Harry Potter. 
You choose to wear your corduroy blazer
with a little school tie. 
You’ve colored one of your drumsticks black with a permanent marker.
It’s a good thing I caught you, 
just before you drew the famous scar on your face. 
An eyebrow pencil will do just as well, in its place.

Two days ago, you were Spiderman,
The other day, the Blue Power Ranger. 
Sometimes you are Buzz Lightyear, and even Batman.
How many more characters do you have inside you, my dear?
With all the heroes you portray, I think I have nothing to fear.

The realm of your imagination never ceases to amaze me, young man. 
How I wish I could dare to daydream just as you do.
Without boundary; without care. 
I wish to be as free as you. 
I wish to run away in my thoughts too. 
I wonder, wonder,
What will I bring back if I do?

*Don't worry, I only have one.


  1. A lovely poem and one that reminds me of my own little boy.

  2. Aw, that was sweet. Happy Birthday to your little boy. Such a great age.

  3. @Rebecca, It's been a joy to watch his imagination flourish.

    @LG Smith, Thank you, and yes, I have to agree.

    @M, Thanks! He's not a baby anymore :(


Thank you so much for your kind comments.