Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Halfway-Through-The-Year Day!

It's July 1st!

We're now exactly halfway through 2011.  Can you imagine it?

For me, the first of July feels like an opportunity to start anew. Just like the change of seasons, it signals the beginning of a new phase.  That always makes me excited about what the balance of the year has to offer.

In this second half of 2011, I look forward to:

  • finishing the first draft of my current Work-In-Progress;
  • making a dent in my 40x40 Book Challenge;
  • getting lost in a new world during NaNoWriMo come November;
  • celebrating my kids' 10th and 8th birthdays (where'd the time go, huh?); and 
  • go visit a city/town/neighborhood/street/building I've never been. 

Speaking of visiting a place I've never been, the summer is an opportunity to do some travelling.  Therefore, I will be featuring travel-related Sunday writing prompts through the month of July!  Let's awaken our wanderlust, shall we?

Happy Halfway-Through-The-Year Day!


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