Sunday, June 12, 2011

Belated - Sunday Writing Prompt

This was supposed to publish yesterday, but due to some user stupidity technical difficulties, it did not post as scheduled.  So, here goes!
Summer is coming!  Summer is coming!  And it feels like it's going to be a scorcher.

Nothing cools me off better than a dip in a swimming pool, lake, or the big, blue ocean.  Summer water fun always brings back good memories.  Let's see if plot bunnies are like gremlins.  Do they multiply when they get wet?

Thus begins my Sunday Writing Prompt Underwater series.

For this week's prompt, I bring you this rather romantic scene:

Photo Credit

This prompt is yours to draw inspiration from. If you use it, and decide to post the resulting piece on your blog, or other online forum that hosts your writing, let me know in the comments section.  I'll make sure to drop by and share my thoughts on how you used it.


  1. The hubby and I once tried to take a photo like that using his underwater camera...let's just say looking at the photo is more romantic than trying to hold your breath while trying not to look like you're drowning :-)

  2. Thanks, Sam! I've done photos like these too, and they just don't capture the essence that his photo has.

    In ours, my husband and I just look like puffer fish!

  3. What a cool picture! Story ideas are coming to me even as I type this. Thanks, and have a great weekend!!

  4. Thank you Nicole! I hope you have a great weekend too. Thanks for coming along with me on my journey!


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