Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Steps

Last week, I tried something.

I entered a small contest hosted by the Nathan Bransford. The fourth annual Stupendously Ultimate First Paragraph Challenge.

He invited writers to post the best first paragraph possible in the comments section. First prize was an opportunity to have a partial manuscript considered by his agent. That's a pretty good prize if you ask me.

As this is the year of "what-the-hey!" for me, I put in this entry:

On the third Sunday of June, I decided. It was time to have my first kiss. At thirteen, this was my concern for the summer. All my girlfriends planned to do the same thing. I would not be left out. And Patrick was the boy who would give it to me, whether he liked it or not.*

I didn’t win; nor did I receive any special mention. I didn’t think I would. My purpose for entering was to muster the courage to step out of my comfort zone of being a closet writer. You all hear me say it over, and over, I’m a writer. What have I shown you of it? Well, here is a bit of it. What do you think? I can take it. (I have my big-girl panties on.)

*This is the first paragraph of the first draft of the novel I worked on for NaNoWriMo 2010.


  1. congrats on coming out in the open. I've never entered one of Nathan's contests because I'm way too scared (and I don't really have a good partial to send to an agent yet). Good job on conquering the fear!!

  2. Thank you, Melissa! I hope I can keep my "what-the-hey!" spirit alive and keep from going back into the closet.

  3. Love the "what-the-hey" spirit! And bravo on taking steps out of your comfort zone! I think that was a great 1st paragraph...because it makes me what to know more :)

  4. Thanks Joey! That "what-the-hey!" spirit really keeps me going. Why not, right?

  5. I'm just blog hopping and had to stop and say CONGRATULATIONS!! That is a huge must be proud of yourself. I'm planning a post for the future about admitting to people that you're a writer and daring to go for it. This is awesome. Nice work. ;)

  6. Exactly...why not indeed! Trying to infuse more of that into my life as well :)


Thank you so much for your kind comments.