Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Night of Firsts

Thought I'd break the silence over here by posting something I read to my writer's group this evening.

This is a first, as I haven't shared any of my written pieces here. This may not happen again, but we'll see how it goes. I've learned enough to know that I should never, say never.


Your hand is strong.
My will is weak.

I fight to stay upright.
You blow me down, with a single breath.

I stand against the wind on a mountaintop.
Your embrace pulls me down to the rocky ground.

You are my weakness.
You have taken me, and made me yours.

Who do you want me to be?

I wrote this back in January 2010 using a writing prompt from one of the online communities I participate in.

Tonight was the first time I had read the piece out loud to an audience. It is also the first time I am showing this to you. So, it is certainly a night of firsts.

I don't usually write poetry, but the prompt asked for a poem. I like to follow the rules, so I made one.


  1. Beautiful! Your poem has come in a time when a friend of mine is feeling a great loss ... I share in her burden. It captures that moment of how can we make you feel better by asking who do you want me to be? ... Classic, I Love your poem! :))

  2. Well done. Writing poetry expands your mind in a good way. It WILL translate into positives for your regular writing. You'll see.
    Carry on.

  3. Thanks, Shane! I really do appreciate the encouragement and all that you do over at CCC!

  4. i like poetry. i enjoy the drama, the pouring of emotions. how inspiring to know someone courageous enough to share a piece of her heart.

  5. Thanks Ana for coming by. For me, courage is all I have. It's time for me to share what I have inside.


Thank you so much for your kind comments.