Monday, May 31, 2010

On your mark. Get set. Go!

And now, on my second thirty-seventh birthday, I present the forty award-winning books I will read, before I turn forty:

1972 Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, O’Brien, Robert C. (Newbery)
1973 Augustus, Williams, John Edwards (NBA)
1977 The Spectator Bird, Stegner, Wallace (NBA)
1981 Plains Song, Morris, Wright (NBA)
1982 A Visit To William Blake's Inn, Willard, Nancy (Newbery)
1983 The Color Purple, Walker, Alice (NBA)
1984 Victory Over Japan: A Book of Stories, Gilchrist, Ellen (NBA)
1984 Dear Mr. Henshaw, Cleary, Beverly (Newbery)
1985 White Noise, DeLillo, Don (NBA)
1985 Foreign Affairs, Lurie, Alison (Pulitzer)
1986 Sarah, Plain and Tall, MacLachlan, Patricia (Newbery)
1987 A Summons To Memphis, Taylor, Peter (Pulitzer)
1988 Beloved, Morrison, Toni (Pulitzer)
1991 Mating: A Novel, Rush, Norman (NBA)
1992 Shiloh, Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds (Newbery)
1994 A Frolic of His Own, Gaddis, William (NBA)
1994 The Giver, Lowry, Lois (Newbery)
1994 The Shipping News, Proulx, E. Annie (Pulitzer)
1995 Walk Two Moons, Creech, Sharon (Newbery)
1996 The Midwife’s Apprentice, Cushman, Karen (Newbery)
1997 Cold Mountain, Frazier, Charles (NBA)
1997 Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer, Millhauser, Steven (Pulitzer)
1998 Charming Billy, McDermott, Alice (NBA)
1998 American Pastoral, Roth, Philip (Pulitzer)
1999 Waiting, Jin, Ha (NBA)
1999 Holes, Sachar, Louis (Newbery)
2000 In America, Sontag, Susan (NBA)
2000 Interpreter of Maladies, Lahiri, Jhumpa (Pulitzer)
2002 A Step From Heaven, Na, An (Printz)
2002 A Single Shard, Park, Linda Sue (Newbery)
2003 Middlesex, Eugenides, Jeffrey (Pulitzer)
2005 How I Live Now, Rosoff, Meg (Printz)
2006 Looking For Alaska, Green, Joan (Printz)
2007 Tree Of Smoke, Johnson, Denis (NBA)
2007 American Born Chinese, Ying, Gene Luen (Printz)
2007 The Road, McCarthy, Cormac (Pulitzer)
2008 The White Darkness, McCraughrean, Geraldine (Printz)
2009 Olive Kitteridge, Stout, Elizabeth (Pulitzer)
2009 The Graveyard Book, Gaiman, Neil (Newbery)
2010 Going Bovine, Bray, Libba (Printz)

And without further ado, I am going book shopping!

Happy reading! And by the way? Happy Birthday to Me, too!

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